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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures

Tripp Strawbridge

Tripp Strawbridge

Assistant Professor

Tripp Strawbridge holds a Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics (University of Minnesota, 2020), with an emphasis in second language acquisition. His work examines how university students acquire Spanish as a second language in study abroad, and how this language learning is influenced by the nature of students’ social relationships. Prof. Strawbridge’s research also analyzes the way that university students learn Spanish through the use of technology (computer-mediated communication), particularly in video-based language partner exchanges. Prof. Strawbridge also works as Assistant Editor at the Journal of Spanish Language Teaching, and is a certified tester for the ACTFL Spanish Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI). Before coming to SCU, he worked as Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish at Kansas State University, where he taught courses in Spanish conversation, English<>Spanish translation, Business Spanish, and linguistics.


Research Interests:
  • Second language acquisition (SLA)
  • Study abroad
  • Language learning and technology
  • Language proficiency assessment


  • SPAN 2, 3: Introduction to Spanish Language & Culture
  • SPAN 22B: Spanish, Technology, & Culture
  • SPAN 102: The Sounds and Words of Spanish
  • SPAN 106B: Spanish for Business
  • SPAN 175: History of the Spanish Language



Selected Publications: