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Emily E Frankel

Emily E Frankel

Emily E. Frankel’s Recent Publications

"When Surviving is Not Enough: From Militancy to Collaboration (On the Ethical Implications of Researching the Political Transformations of Marcia Alejandra Merino Vega, Luz Arce Sandoval, and María Alicia Uribe Gómez)" was published in the 5oth volume of Chasqui: revista de literatura latinoamericana in 2021.

About article:
This study includes recent in person interviews with former militants, historians and Human Rights activists to shed further light on the herstories of survival of Luz Arce Sandoval, Marcia Alejandra Merino, and Alicia Uribe Gómez, three former Chilean women militants who evolved into political collaborators of Pinochet's military regime (1973-1990). In addition to looking at the ways in which cultural productions on their stories of survival have added to the misconceptions of their political transformations, this analysis also seeks to understand the underlying motives for their collaboration as a reparative force that dispels false accusations directed against all three women. 

"(Re)Signifying Spaces of Violence in Present-Day Chile: The Herstories of Colectivo de Mujeres Sobrevivientes Siempre Resistentes" published in Volume X in 2021, for the feminist journal, Ámbitos Feministas.

About article:
Previous to Chile’s uprising in 2019, Colectivo de Mujeres Sobrevivientes Siempre Resistentes (CMSSR), an all-women collective formed in 2014, had already taken on the task of publicly denouncing and demanding state recognition for the sexual violations political prisoners had endured during Chile’s dictatorial regime. The principal aims of CMSSR are: 1.) To convict and charge former military officers responsible for perpetrating acts of sexual torture against political prisoners during the Pinochet regime (1973- 1990); 2.) Convert one of the former detention centers “Venda Sexy” into the first memory site dedicated to women victims and survivors; 3.) Educate the public on the pervasiveness of sexual violence in Chile. This article looks at the ways in which CMSSR’s engagement with younger women and former women militants and current activists have enacted newfound networks of solidarities that have resulted in a more public surfacing of memories pertaining to sexual political torture in present-day Chile.

A Review that will be published in Confluencia's Volume 37.2 (Spring 2022) volume.
"Camarines de mujeres. Prisioneras políticas en el Estadio Nacional Pequeño by Isidora Andrea Pequeño Bueno, Isidora Salinas Urrejola, y Tamara Vidaurrazaga Aránguiz"
This review analyzes a work that compiles the herstories of seven former women political prisoners who were detained in Chile's National Stadium during the first months of Pinochet's dictatorial regime. This project was conceptualized by one of the survivors of this former detention center, the current President of Chile's Fundación del Instituto de la Mujer, María Núñez Rius whose story of survival is also included in this book publication.

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