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2022 Drahmann Advising Award

2022 Drahmann Advising Award

Jimia Boutouba Recognized by the College of Arts and Sciences

Jimia Boutouba awarded the Dr. John B. Drahmann Advising Award

John B. Drahmann Advising Award
In recognition of having established among colleagues and students a well-deserved reputation for extraordinary dedication to student welfare through wise, informed, effective, and caring counsel, and having demonstrated the ability to motivate other teachers and learners.

From the start, Jimia has made it her mission to be there for students. She meets individually with students outside of class to support their study of French, their interests in culture and study abroad, their career choices—whatever they need. Even during the difficult months of conducting classes and meetings through Zoom, she organized extra sessions connecting students with faculty, making sure students were aware of upcoming classes, awards and fellowships, and online opportunities.

Students really like Jimia. She has a great rapport with them, and her concern and encouragement are evident in her advocacy for them. Jimia anchors a team of French faculty who work in sync to promote student engagement with the diversity of francophone cultures in Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe through cultural events and travel and study abroad opportunities.

She writes numerous letters of recommendations for jobs, fellowships, scholarships, and graduate school, and personally goes out of her way to find for her students internships and other professional activities, both in the US and abroad. Colleagues note her dedication to student success, her extraordinary academic mentoring and guidance, and her critical role in shaping her students’ lives by helping them to meaningfully connect their academic goals with their personal and career aspirations.

And we in the College aren't the only ones who noticed her diligence, enthusiasm, and effectiveness. She was nominated by students and selected last year by the Career Center as an Outstanding Career Influencer for her "impact in terms of [helping students develop] their sense of who they are becoming.”

In the words of one of her advisees, Jimia Boutouba “est une professeure extraordinaire.”

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