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street view of a party stores front sign

street view of a party stores front sign

Laura Callahan publishes an article on Linguistic Landscapes in California

The peer-reviewed article entitled “From Downtown to the Eastside: Languages-other-than-English in a commercial linguistic landscape in California” was published in IJLASSO, the International Journal of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest. Laura collected and analyzed data from business signage on San José's iconic Santa Clara Street to investigate what the city’s linguistic diversity contributes to this historic avenue. This work will serve as a baseline for future research on what patterns may emerge after the construction of the Google campus planned for the western downtown Diridon Station area, as well as on the evolution of businesses rooted in the eastern neighborhoods of Santa Clara Street.

Laura also recently published a review on the professional listserve LinguistList, of the book Intercultural Communication and Language Pedagogy: From Theory to Practice. Zsuzsanna Ittzés Abrams. 2020. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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