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Department ofPhysics

Physics teaches you to be an expert problem solver, which will benefit you no matter what you do in life. Majoring in physics or engineering physics will give you an appreciation for many of nature's most interesting phenomena. And finally, the Department of Physics is just a great place to be at Santa Clara University.

You can do almost anything with a physics or engineering physics degree. Employers know that it takes hard work, intelligence, and creativity to successfully complete a major in physics. Our graduates who enter the job market find employment in a wide range of places including high-tech, business, R&D, education and more.

About Our Program

The Department of Physics offers major programs of lecture and laboratory instruction leading to the bachelor of science in physics, the bachelor of science in physics with a biophysics emphasis, and the bachelor of science in engineering physics. The department also provides an academic minor in physics and required and elective courses for students majoring in other fields.

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        Among our ~140 SCU Physics and Engineering Physics who graduated in the last 15 years: 30 entered PhD programs in physics, engineering, computer science, math, or related disciplines; 20 earned terminal Master’s Degrees, mainly in engineering or materials science; 10 began research careers at national labs, major universities, or in industry; 10 teach at the elementary or high school level; 5 entered medical school; 5 entered law school; 5 are professional musicians or artists; and 1 is a professional basketball player. Many others formed successful start-up companies or began active and enjoyable careers in business, analytics, agriculture, and a host of other fields in industry and elsewhere.

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