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Department ofPhysics

Bachana Lomsadze

Bachana Lomsadze

Associate Professor
  • Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation, 2311N
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  • 408-551-3682
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Bachana Lomsadze received his Bachelor’s degree in physics from Tbilisi State University (Georgia) in 2007 and a Ph.D. in Physics from Kansas State University (KSU) in 2012. At KSU he worked in the James R. Macdonald - atomic, molecular and optical physics laboratory and studied coherent control of cold and trapped atomic and molecular systems. After graduation, he was a joint post-doctoral researcher at JILA and the University of Colorado and then a research fellow at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor). He is a co-inventor of a novel optical method “frequency comb-based multidimensional coherent spectroscopy” that enables the measurement of materials’ optical properties and many-body interactions rapidly and with unprecedented high resolution. His work at Santa Clara University focuses on using the Nobel-Prize-Winning technology of optical frequency combs to study light-matter interactions and ultrafast dynamics in atomic/molecular systems (cold and Doppler broadened) and semiconductor nanostructures.


Book cover of Optical Multidimensional Coherent Spectroscopy
Optical Multidimensional Coherent Spectroscopy. Oxford University Press, 2023.


Selected publications:
  • B. Lomsadze, S. Weight, and P. Clark. "Single-Shot Fourier-Slice Dual-Comb Spectroscopy". IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 35, 1363-1366, (2023). DOI.

  • B. Lomsadze, S. Weight and P. K. D. Hovland. “Effects of phase accumulation in frequency-comb-based multidimensional coherent spectroscopy.” Phys. Rev. A 106, 033704, (2022).
  • B. Lomsadze. “Frequency comb-based multidimensional coherent spectroscopy bridges the gap between fundamental science and cutting-edge technology.” The Journal of Chemical Physics 154, 160901 (2021).

  • B.C. Smith, B. Lomsadze and S.T. Cundiff. “High-speed hyperspectral four-wave-mixing microscopy with frequency combs.”  Optics Letters 46 (15) 3556-3559, 2021. (Editor’s pick).

  • B. Lomsadze and S.T.Cundiff. “Line-shape analysis of double-quantum multidimensional coherent spectra.” Phys. Rev. A 102, 043514, (2020).

  • B. Lomsadze, K.M. Fradet, and R.S. Arnold. “Elastic tape behavior of a bi-directional Kerr-lens mode-locked dual-comb ring laser.” Optics Letters 45, 1080-1083 (2020).
  • B. Lomsadze and S.T. Cundiff. “Tri-comb multidimensional coherent spectroscopy.” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 31, 1041-1135 (2019). (Invited paper) DOI.
  • B. Lomsadze, B. Smith and S.T. Cundiff. “Tri-comb spectroscopy.Nature Photonics 12, 677 (2018). (Featured on the coverDOI.

    Cover of Nature Photonics with Tri-comb spectroscopy

  • B. Lomsadze and S.T.Cundiff. “Frequency-Comb Based Double-Quantum Two-Dimensional Spectrum Identifies Collective Hyperfine Resonances in Atomic Vapor Induced by Dipole-Dipole Interactions.” Physical Review Letters 120 (23), 233401, 2018
  • B. Smith, B.Lomsadze and S.T.Cundiff. “Optimum repetition rates for dual-comb spectroscopy.” Optics Express 26 (9), 12049-12056, 2018.
  • B. Lomsadze and S.T.Cundiff. “Frequency combs enable rapid and high-resolution multidimensional coherent spectroscopy.” Science 357 (6358), 1389-1391, 2017.
  • B. Lomsadze and S.T.Cundiff. “Multi-heterodyne two-dimensional coherent spectroscopy using frequency combs.” Scientific Reports 7 (1), 14018, 2017.
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  • B. Lomsadze and S.T.Cundiff, “Frequency comb-based multi-dimensional coherent spectroscopy.” Optics and Photonics News special issue “OPTICS IN 2017”.
  • B. Lomsadze, C.W.Fehrenbach, B.D.DePaola. “Measurement of ionization in direct frequency comb spectroscopy.” Journal of Applied Physics 113 (10), 103105, 2013.
  • B. Lomsadze, C.W.Fehrenbach, B.D.DePaola. “Calculation of ionization in direct frequency comb spectroscopy.” Physics Review A 86 (4), 043403, 2012.
  • H. Jang, B.Lomsadze, ML. Trachy, G.Veshapidze, CW.Fehrenbach and B.D.DePaola. “Interaction of a finite train of short pulses with an atomic ladder system.” Physical Review A 82 (4), 043424, 2010.
Book chapter(s)
  • S.T. Cundiff and B. Lomsadze. “Multidimensional coherent spectroscopy using frequency combs.” Patent N 10533836, 2020.
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