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Department ofPhysics


Charles Hall, Physics '13

Charles currently works on unmanned solar powered aircraft for Titan Aerospace Project at Google.


I started at SCU as a mechanical engineer but switched to a Physics major so I could study a diversity of subjects. (A conversation with Prof. Betty Young helped, too!) Along the way I added an Electrical Engineering minor. During my junior and senior years, I worked with Mr. Bill DeHart as a student lab instructor and, the summer before my senior year, I was an intern at Titan Aerospace, when the whole company consisted of fewer than a dozen people.

After graduation, I took a position as a test engineer at SPX working on antenna arrays. I was well prepared for this job by classes in upper-division electrodynamics and by the advanced lab course I took as a senior. After almost a year of this, I decided I wanted to work in a startup again and talked to my former boss at Titan Aerospace about returning. Unbeknownst to me, Google was in the process of acquiring the company, and so I ended up applying to and receiving an offer from Google. I moved to Moriarty, New Mexico to work on unmanned solar powered aircraft for what is now the Titan Aerospace Project at Google. The aircraft has been designed strictly for civilian uses, such as providing internet access and disaster relief. Specifically, I am responsible for the telemetry and control data links. It’s a great project bu,t in the longer term, I am planning to pursue graduate studies in physics, machine learning or medicine.