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Premodern Studies

Course Offering

Winter 2024

ANTH 185 Anthropologies of Latin America
ARTH 144 Race, Gender and Nation in 18th-19thc. American Art
ENGL 141 Medieval Lit
ENGL 144G/WGST 141A 18th Century Women's British Lit
ENGL 151C/THTR 118 Studies in Shakespeare
HIST 123 History of Plagues, Epidemics, and Infections
MUSC 142 Concert Choir
MUSC 143 Chamber Singers
MUSC 189 Sacred Music and the Church
PHIL 15 History of Western Philosophy: Early Modern
PHIL 142B Medieval Philosophy: Augustine
SCTR 19 Religions of the Book
RSOC 81 Islam
TESP 71 Mysticism in Catholicism
TESP 183 Ignatian Spirituality

Other Options

MRST 199 Independent Study
Directed reading and research in source materials and secondary works dealing with selected problems rooted in the Medieval and/or Renaissance periods, culminating in an interdisciplinary paper. Prerequisite: Permission of program director and instructor. (2-5 units)

Note: In addition to the courses listed above, certain sections of Cultures & Ideas 11A and 12A may be applied to the Minor. Many departments offer occasional special topics, directed reading/directed research, and seminar courses on Medieval and Renaissance topics. Students should consult with the program director to determine the applicability of these to the Minor, as well as courses taken at other institutions while studying abroad.