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Premodern Studies

Participating Faculty and Library Staff


  • Aldo Billingslea, Theatre and Dance
  • Brian Buckley, Philosophy
  • Michelle Burnham, English
  • Cathleen Chopra-McGowan, Religious Studies
  • Heather Clydesdale, Art and Art History
  • Blake de Maria, Art and Art History
  • William Dohar, Jesuit School of Theology, Pastoral Ministries and Religious Studies
  • Gaby Greenlee, Art and Art History
  • Loubna Hafid, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Kirstyn Leuner, English
  • Paul Mariani, History
  • Barbara Molony, History
  • Gaywyn Moore, Theatre and Dance
  • Daniel Morgan, Religious Studies
  • Catherine Murphy, Religious Studies
  • Harry Odamtten, History
  • Lee Panich, Anthropology
  • Tonia Riviello, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Jeff Steele, Philosophy
  • Maura Tarnoff, English
  • Thomas Turley, History
  • José Villagrana, English
  • Eric Yang, Philosophy


Affiliated Library Staff

  • Leanna Goodwater, Librarian
  • Nadia Nasr, Archives & Special Collections