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Department ofPsychology

Psychology Honors Program


Psychology Major with a minimum 3.3 GPA (Psychology) and 3.3 overall. By the start of the fall quarter in which you enroll in the program, you have:

  • Completed Psyc 1, 2, and Math 8
  • Completed either Psyc 40 & 43 -OR- Psyc 51, 52, 53
  • Junior or Senior standing

Program Information

The Psychology Honors Program provides a unique opportunity for you to have an intensive, in-depth experience during your undergraduate career here at SCU. You’ll participate in a multi-term experience with other psychology honors students and faculty mentorship, culminating in a written thesis and oral presentation. The program is designed to bring together strong psychology majors participating in either an intensive internship or research experience.  While focusing on a substantial project, you will also work on practical skills, career planning & development, and contributing to the field & our department.

If invited to participate, you will enroll in an extended course sequence, with the honors class (Psyc 99) limited to 12 students per class.


Course Overview


Fall Psyc 99 (2 units), meets Wed 445-615pm

Winter Psyc 99 (2 units), meets Wed 445-615pm

Psyc 198 (Internship, 5 units) OR Psyc 199 (Research, 5 units), reflecting 100 hours of participation (those 100 hours and 5 units may be earned over multiple terms - see below)

More Detail


Earn 2 units in a P/NP course for each quarter you participate in the honors course (P99).  P99 is offered in Fall and Winter terms and meets Wed 445-615. The class will include things like career development activities, technical skill development, guest speakers, as well as activities designed to enhance and support you as honors students.  The class culminates with a public presentation describing your work.

In addition to the Psyc 99 class, there are a few additional courses and expectations, described below.


Earn 5 UD units course credit for participating in the (required) research (Psyc 199; P199) or internship (Psyc 198; P198) experience.

If you choose the RESEARCH option, you must identify a mentor (typically a faculty member in the Psychology Department) who is willing to sponsor your application to and participation in the honors program.  You’ll earn 5 units of P199 credit, with your mentor as instructor of record, for 100 hours of participation in the lab (which can be spread over multiple terms). The details of your work is something you negotiate with your mentor.

If you choose the INTERNSHIP option, you should have a site or experience in mind. You’ll earn 5 units of P198 credit, with Dr. Kieran Sullivan as the instructor of record, for 100 hours of participation in your internship. Dr. Sullivan can help you to identify an internship (this could include an assignment through Arrupe).  You will work with her to determine how you’ll earn the 5 units of P198 credit (some students, for example, opt to split the units over two quarters). Dr. Sullivan will set the course requirements and will be the instructor of record for this course. You must have a conversation with her about the specific requirements.

To be clear, for either option, expect to put at least 100 hours of participation into your project.  For that work you will earn 5 upper division units. Those 100 hours (and those 5 units) may be spread across multiple terms and is something you would negotiate with the appropriate faculty member.


Seniors are expected to give an oral presentation related to their experience toward the end of their experience in the honors program.


Q: Do I get a grade for P99?

A: The class is P/NP.

Q: Do you sign me up for P198/P199?

A: No. That's something you do with either Dr. Sullivan (P198) or your research mentor (P199).

Q: I want to do an internship. Can you help me find one?

A: No. Dr. Sullivan is the person to consult.

Q: I have a busy schedule! May I miss P99 classes?  

A: You may miss one for any reason each term.  If you plan to miss more than one, you will earn a NP except under extraordinary circumstances.

Q: I want to switch from doing research to an internship (or vice versa). May I?

A: Yes, assuming you’re still early in the process.  If you choose to do this, notify me ASAP.

Q: I’m a junior.  Do you expect me to participate in the program for two years?

A: Yes. You’ll take P99 four times, unless you’re planning to study abroad (see the next Q).

Q: I’m planning to study abroad.  Can I still participate?

A: If this would be your first year of participation in the honors program, no.  If it is your second year, yes, as long as you’re available to participate in the class in the Winter term (i.e., you’d be studying abroad in the Fall term of your senior year).

Q: How and when will I know if I’ve been accepted into the Psychology Department Honors Program?

A: You will hear from us by email before Fall registration begins.

Q: I'm eligible & interested. How do I apply?

A: Please complete your application in spring quarter prior to your enrollment. The form must be submitted by 5pm on the Friday of Week 4.


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