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Department ofPsychology


Psychology Internship Information

Internships allow students to gain valuable insight into psychology related careers. At Santa Clara, psychology majors can earn credit for internships through our PSYC 198E course. If you are interested in this possibility, explore the links below to help you initiate that option.

There are many ways for Psychology majors to find and participate in internships. The Career Center and our Office of Internships are great resources to help you find an internship and even discover ways to fund your experience.

Although not required for completing an internship, many psych majors choose to turn their internship experience into course credit by registering for the PSYC 198E Internship/Practicum course. The information linked below will guide you through that process.

PSYC 198E Internship/Practicum Course Description

A course where students can learn how they can best apply classroom instruction to their career objectives through academically supported work experience. Internships at Santa Clara University are closely monitored for appropriateness and practical application. Internships should encourage career skills and professional growth; they should not be just another job. Internships serve to introduce the student to the range of opportunities afforded a degree in the discipline. Students are expected to represent the University in a professional manner and to act responsibly with the client and the assignments. Selected readings. Open to upper-division students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher who have received permission from a faculty sponsor. (2--5 units)

Guidelines and Expectations for the PSYC 198E Course

Choosing an Internship Placement

Registering for PSYC 198E Internship/Practicum