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Department ofPsychology


Internships allows students to gain valuable insight into psychology related careers. Below are links to help students get involved in internships.

Psyc 198 - Internship Practicum

Clinical experience in community agencies. Selected readings. Open to upper-division students with an average GPA of 3.0 or higher who have received permission of a faculty sponsor.

Placement Options

Early Childhood Development
  • Kids on Campus, here at SCU, is a child development center for children of faculty, staff and alumni. Volunteers will gain experience caring for and educating children ages 0 -5. Recommended courses: Developmental I. Contact: Deborah Gray

Social Coaching for Elementary Students
  • This program involves a 2-hour training session and some readings that train students to act as "social coaches" for children in the elementary school years who may be having trouble relating to their peers. Volunteers work at St. Clare's, across the street from the university. Developmental 1 is required for this site. Psychopathology is also helpful. Contact: Madeline Rader

Children and Families
  • The Child Abuse Prevention Center provides assistance for children and families in which child abuse has taken place. Volunteers assist social workers in supervising visits, supporting children, and helping families access services. Recommended courses: Developmental I and II, Psychopathology. Contact: Christina Zarrabi 

    The Bill Wilson Center has been supporting and strengthening the community by serving youth and families through counseling, housing, education and advocacy. BWC is committed to working to ensure that every youth has access to the variety of services needed to grow to be healthy and self-sufficient adults. Each year, BWC serves over 10,000 clients through thirteen different programs. Contact: see website 

Juvenilies and the Law
  • The Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) program is designed to reduce juvenile crime and incarceration through legal education, peer leadership, and mentoring services. Volunteers provide mentoring, tutoring, life-skills courses, and leadership training for at-risk youth. FLY is located in downtown San Jose. Recommended courses: Developmental 1 and 2, Psychopathology. Contact: Susy Rivera 

Momentum for Mental Health
  • Serves a variety of populations and problems. For more info on the programs they offer, see their website. Momentum is just down the Alameda and serves adults and youth. Recommended courses vary, but Psychopathology is usually important.
Cognitive Neuroscience 
  • Research Assistant with the Educational Neuroscience program at UCSF's cognitive neuroscience lab: A good choice for students with interest in cognitive neuroscience, education, or related fields. They are actively recruiting undergrad students to serve as Research Assistants to collect data at a number of local elementary and middle schools in Santa Clara. A lead Research Assistant at USCF is Santa Clara psychology graduate Buddy Lorentz.

Occupational Therapy
  • Development is CHILD's PLAY (DICP): Currently they have Tuesday afternoons from 9am to 2pm starting December 26th, Wednesday afternoons from 1pm to 4pm starting anytime, and Thursdays afternoons from 1:30pm to 5:30pm starting anytime. However, volunteer shifts open up quite often. In order to be a volunteer, students should email the OT Aides. The requirements for becoming a volunteer are the following:

Punctual, professional, and 2 to 3 month commitmentA cleared live scan (fingerprinting at location of your choice)

  1. A completed negative TB test (with proof)
  2. Review and initial/sign the Expectations and Policies for Volunteers
  3. Read over the Volunteer Responsibilities
  4. Attend a volunteer orientation

Please look at their website

Position shared with us by OT aid and SCU psychology graduate Molly Roston, class of 2014.

  • The YMCA is looking for students interested in helping with the identification and development of appropriate activities for senior members beyond fitness. Please contact Barbara Cardenas for more information.