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For Students

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From your first year to your final quarter, students in the College of Arts and Sciences are encouraged to take advantage of all the resources available to them across campus and in their academic departments. Students should avail themselves of the services of the SCU Career Center throughout their academic journey. The Career Center provides peer advising, online guides for each year of your SCU experience, and tools for developing a strong resume, writing cover letters, and networking through LinkedIn.

Academic Departments

There are some academic majors within the College of Arts and Sciences that incorporate a required internship experience into their degree program. Students are strongly encouraged to review the academic requirements for their declared majors and consult with their academic advisor or other appropriate faculty member within their department. Students are welcome to pursue additional experiential learning opportunities throughout their time at Santa Clara but must make sure that all required academic work is appropriately completed through their major. Not sure if your degree requires an internship? Contact Sarah Hays for assistance.

Finding an Internship

Internships and career exploration opportunities give students the opportunity to dive deeper into an area of interest. This can be directly related to an academic major or minor, but it can also be to experience a specific organization or career path. Motivations for offering to volunteer, requesting a shadowing opportunity, or applying for an internship position are unique to every individual student. The Director of Internships is here to help support you along your journey. Here are some things to consider:

Your Interests Consider your goals in each area of career exploration as you decide what makes the most sense for you. A first-year student’s goals may not be the same as a transfer student, or a rising senior. If you have a lot of interests, get out there and try them on!  Try shadowing someone in a profession you are curious about for a day and conduct an informational interview. See what you liked and what was a surprise.

Are you passionate about government and politics? Research and apply for fellowships and internships in Santa Clara County, or look at opportunities in your local or county government at home.


Embarking on your career exploration can include the need for financial support. The College of Arts and Sciences encourages students to look into the following opportunities for funding found across campus.

Hackworth Fellowship The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Hackworth Fellowship allows fellows to engage more deeply with the application of ethics to a topic of concrete concern, to complete an important project related to that concern, and to grow as an ethical leader. In order to pursue this goal, Fellows are expected either to develop their own programs in an area of interest to them or to work with existing programs at the Ethics Center.

Jean Donovan Fellowship The Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education’s Jean Donovan Fellowship offers undergraduates a high-impact community-based experience rooted in the Ignatian Center's mission of a Faith that does Justice.

Miller Center Lewis Family Fellowship A Mission Critical Center of Distinction, The Miller Center’s Lewis Family Fellowship is dedicated to undergraduate action research for social justice supporting rigorous, transformative undergraduate student learning working with social enterprises in developing countries.

Office of Fellowships The Office of Fellowships offers support to current students in their pursuit of national and international fellowship opportunities. Students are encouraged to look at opportunities that peak their interests in their current academic majors as well as future professional career paths.

Provost Research Opportunities Sponsored by the Office of the Provost, students can discover a number of scholarships and funded programs for summer or academic year opportunities.

Real Experience. Applied Learning (REAL) Through the REAL Program, students can discover their interests, gain a rich understanding of a particular field, discern their career goals, explore future employment fields, and grow their professional networks. Experiences funded through REAL last up to ten weeks during the summer. For more information visit the REAL website or contact the Director of REAL, Katy Korsmeyer.

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