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Department ofPsychology

Tim Urdan

Tim Urdan
Tim Urdan
Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Michigan
Combined Program in Education and Psychology


Most of my research has examined the motivation of adolescent students in middle and high schools. I am particularly interested in the ways that teachers' beliefs and instructional practices influence the motivation and achievement of their students. My recent research has also focused on cultural factors that influence student motivation and achievement. I am particularly interested in the differences between first, second, and third-generation students and the influence of proficiency in English on the motivation of immigrant students.

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  • PSYC 40: Statistical Data Analysis
  • PSYC 112: Motivation and Emotion
  • PSYC 134: Psychology of Education
  • PSYC 172: Adolescent Development
  • PSYC 185: Developmental Psychology I
  • LBST 196: Eastside Future Teacher Project Seminar
Representative Publications

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Curriculum vitae
Curriculum vitae