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Department ofPsychology

Teaching and Motivation in Education Lab

PI: Tim Urdan

Tim Urdan

In my lab, we are currently working on three projects. One project is examining ways to try to encourage more students, particularly those from underrepresented minority and gender groups, get involved in STEM and computer science fields. A second project focuses on the relationship between teacher emotions and teacher-student relationships. This project is just beginning. The third project involves helping me analyze older data that have already been collected on student motivation, ethnicity, and achievement.

If you are interested in working in my lab, please complete an application.

PI: Tim Urdan & Yue Zhang

Under Teaching and Motivation in Education lab, another research project focuses on learning motivation and achievement of immigrant adolescents and the adolescent children of immigrants. The goal of our research is to identify strategies that promote and barriers that prevent children with an immigrant background from improving academic performance.

If you are interested in working on this research, please complete an application.