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Department ofPsychology

Learning & Remembering Lab

PIs: Matt Bell, Patti Simone & Lisa Whitfield

Matt Bell, Patti Simone & Lisa Whitfield

Our research focuses on identifying strategies to improve learning and remembering, using different species and different age groups.

Research assistants are involved at a number of different levels, depending upon their interests and experience. We ask students to make a minimum commitment of two quarters (but one-year commitments are preferred) and prefer that they have taken at least Psyc 51. You must be able to attend our weekly lab meetings and devote 10 hours of work to lab per week. If you are interested in working in our lab, please complete an application here.

Learning and Remembering Lab

In our lab, students work on many intriguing puzzles about how learning and remembering work in different species, and across ages.