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Department ofPsychology

Early Cognitive Development Lab

PI: Jui Bhagwat

In my lab, we study many different aspects of early cognitive development. For example, my students have developed studies exploring children's understanding of how Covid-19 gets transmitted; how a mindfulness program might impact children's executive functioning; how the youngest children take their first steps in learning a second language; and how children might learn moral lessons from storybooks versus oral storytelling.

It is recommended that students have completed the Psych 51-52-53 sequence and taken Psych 185 (Developmental Psychology) before starting in the lab. Hands-on experience working with young children is another useful skill to have, but not required.

RAs in my lab get experience in all steps of the research process from generating a research question, doing a thorough literature search, designing a study, data collection, analysis, and presenting findings at departmental lab showcases and external conferences.

Doing research with children requires consistent effort to recruit families from the community and initiating and maintaining relationships with local schools and organizations. RAs are also expected to be fully involved in the participant recruitment process.

If you are interested in working in my lab, please complete this application.

Early Cognitive Development Lab