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Department ofPsychology

Leadership, Affective Science, Emotion, & Reputation (LASER) Lab

hooria jazaieri

PI: Hooria Jazaieri

The LASER lab (Leadership, Affective Science, Emotion, & Reputation Lab) run by Hooria Jazaieri (management department) has a number of ongoing projects underway, including survey-based studies, qualitative interview studies, archival coding studies, and more. All projects relate to the study of emotion (e.g., gratitude, compassion, joy, hope), reputation, and/or leadership. Depending upon interests and experience, research assistants in the LASER lab are involved at a number of different levels including preparation of study materials, literature reviews, data collection, data entry, data coding, data analysis, etc. I ask that students make a minimum commitment of two quarters, though one-year commitments are preferred.

If you are interested in joining the LASER lab, please complete this application.