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Department ofPsychology

Social Cognition and Comparison Lab

PI: Katy Bruchmann

Katy Bruchmann Kathryn Bruchmann

The Social Cognition and Comparison Lab has two main areas of research. First, is social comparison or how people's perceptions of themselves are affected by comparisons with other people. Within this area, we are conducting research on body image social comparisons whether with peers or fitspo imagery on social media, and how individual differences in traits like anxiety, narcissism, and growth mindsets can change the way social comparison information is used. Our second line of research is on the influence of political identity on how people perceive others, interpret political news, or use morals to guide their decision making.

Participation in the Social Cognition and Comparison lab involves helping with data collection, data entry and coding, preparation of study materials, data analyses, and presenting data or writing manuscripts. No previous research experience is required. If interested, please submit this application.