What are my roots?

A reflection on the challenges and graces of staying centered and motivated in a fast-paced college environment.
I live in a constant state of tiredness, stressed, or busy. I’m sure all of you go through something similar in your day to day basis in this crazy quarter system. Be it a reading assignment, midterm, group project, club advertisements, planning for programs, meetings here and there- you get the idea. Some of us have to even schedule our days down to our meals or showers! But when I take a step back and look at my life and what holds it together, I am happy and motivated to keep going. How do you keep yourself together when the world demands so much from you? During my freshman year in SCU, I struggled with this question constantly.
I moved to California from Nicaragua to attend SCU, knowing that I wasn’t going to live on campus. Instead, I lived in Redwood City with some of my relatives and commuted to classes everyday. I got a job on campus and worked hard to keep a high GPA for the year. To do this, I needed to take the train every day which required me to stay on top of my schedule in order to make it back home in time for cooking dinner and doing homework. There came a time when I felt like I was overwhelmed with the pace of life I was taking and I yearned to go back home and do something easier. I was homesick, I was upset with my decisions, and I was very confused. I spent hours in gardens or the Mission Church trying to figure what I was doing here. The only thing that kept me going was believing in my heart that God had opened up the doors for SCU and this college experience for a reason, and that trusting Him was all I needed. I had to refocus myself from my struggles to my faith, and ground myself on it. As we know, blessing pour after the storm and I have grown much after my experiences as a freshman. I know that no matter how hard the wind blows around me, the one holding the kite of my life is the One who knows best how to. I have to remind myself often of this,  Though the craziness of everyday life takes over us and we lose our focus over the purpose of it all, let’s take a time to think about what holds us together and what we are using as our center of gravity on our journey in life. 
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