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  • Amy Lueck
    Amy Lueck, Department of English

    Amy Lueck is an Assistant Professor of English. She teaches and researches writing and rhetoric, particularly focusing on the material and rhetorical histories of schooling, gendered spaces/places, and public memory.

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    Michelle Burnham, Department of English

    Michelle Burnham writes and teaches on early American literature, Native American literature, transoceanic studies, and critical theory. She is especially interested in using digital tools and methods to recover and understand forgotten or neglected texts and writers, including the creation of digital editions and maps of these works.

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    Lee Panich, Department of Anthropology

    Lee Panich is an Associate Professor of Anthropology. His research employs a combination of archaeological, ethnographic, and archival data to examine the long-term histories of the indigenous societies of western North America and their interactions with Euroamerican colonial institutions. He is particularly interested in how the complex histories of the California missions are presented to general audiences.

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    Kirstyn Leuner, Department of English

    Kirstyn Leuner is an Assistant Professor of English specializing in 18th-century British Literature and Digital Humanities. She is Director and Co-Editor of The Stainforth Library of Women's Writing, a DH project that recovers and studies the largest private library of Anglophone women’s writing collected in the nineteenth century. 

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    Bruno Ruviaro, Department of Music

    Bruno Ruviaro is a composer and electronic musician interested in laptop orchestras, live-electronics, acousmatic music, sampling & musical borrowing; theater, dance, linguistics, speech, radio art, linux, intellectual (im)property, music & politics.

  • Jeffrey Bracco, Department of Theatre and Dance

    Jeffrey Bracco teaches and in Directing, Dramaturgy, Critical Perspectives In Performance, Spectacle and Society, Shakespeare in Film, Theatre East/West and Introduction to Performance Collaboration. After being part of the Faculty Learning Community studying VR and AR, he began working with other faculty, staff and students on a project that uses AR to enhance audience engagement in live theatre productions. 

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    Heather Turner, Department of English

    Heather Noel Turner is an Assistant Professor and Director of Internships in the Department of English at Santa Clara University (SCU). At SCU, she serves as founder and director of the User-Experience (UX) Research and Writing Lab and as a member of the Digital Humanities Working Group Advisory Council.