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Gas Leak


  • Identify your escape routes should you need to evacuate your place of work or study. Also identify your Emergency Assembly Points.

  • Identify natural gas shutoff valves for your building, especially for research laboratories.


If you smell natural gas odors:

  • Turn off all stoves, open flames, and other potential ignition sources.

  • Call 911.

  • Move people out of the areas in which a gas odor can be detected and open doors and windows on your way out.

If you have been told to evacuate an area due to a natural gas odor:

  • Turn off all ovens, open flames, and other potential ignition sources.

  • Open windows and doors as you evacuate the area.

  • Convene at the designated Emergency Assembly Points. If you can still smell a gas odor, continue moving farther.


  • Understand that it may take the fire department or the fire marshal some time to clear a building and determine that there is no remaining natural gas danger.

  • Do not re-enter the building until cleared to do so by the fire department or Campus Safety.

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