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Emergency Planning strives towards creating a campus culture of resilience and preparedness. By providing training and awareness to our campus community, we will work together to achieve a state of readiness to overcome emergencies and other disruptions.

Emergency Planning


Local Health & Safety News

For Police, Fire or Medical Emergencies, Call Campus Safety Services at 408-554-4444, or Call / Text 911

On October 21, 2021, The university will join other institutions around California and the world to participate in the Great ShakeOut earthquake drill. This important annual drill is the largest of its kind with over 35 million participants each year.

Here in the Bay Area, an earthquake can strike at anytime. By participating in this drill, our goal is to simply practice how we can best be prepared for a major earthquake. By strengthening our preparedness, we will become a more resilient campus community.

An SCU Bronco Alert will be sent at approximately 10:21am via email, SMS text, voice, campus screens, campus Blue Phones, and the Rave Guardian App. The alert will signify the start of the drill and ask that campus community members who chose to participate should practice Drop, Cover, and Hold On.

See below for more resources on earthquake preparedness:

Emergency Planning develops, implements, and continuously improves a comprehensive campus emergency management program.

The program is based on fire and occupational health and safety regulations and standards, California Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS), National Incident Management System (NIMS), the Clery Act, and accepted emergency planning and management professional practices, operating under the umbrella of the campus Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

Overall Goals:

  • Evolve and adapt current practices to keep with industry standards.
  • Build a working culture of resiliency and readiness across the University.
  • Partner with key stakeholders to build a foundation of expertise for response and recovery.
  • Ensure that known hazards are mitigated as best as possible prior to an emergency occurring.
  • Ensure plans and assets are in place to effectively respond to emergencies on campus.
  • Ensure timely response to emergencies impacting the safety of the campus community.
  • Ensure effective and efficient recovery after an emergency.

Prepare Before, Stay Safe During, Stay Safe After. Prepared SCU.

What can you do?

Use the information and tools available on this page to assist you in being prepared for emergencies

Click here to Learn More SCU Bronco Alert

SCU Bronco Alert

SCU Bronco Alert is the University's mass notiifcation system to alert the campus community of incidents on or near campus

Click here to Learn More SCU Bronco AlertLearn More
Click here to Learn More Rave Guardian App

Rave Guardian App

The Rave Guardian app is a personal safety tool that serves as a companion to SCU Bronco Alert

Click here to Learn More Rave Guardian AppLearn More
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Santa Clara Fire Department

Resources for SCFD

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Click here to SCPD Santa Clara Police Department

Santa Clara Police Department

Resources for SCPD

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Berkeley Fire Department

Resources for BFD

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Berkeley Police Department

Resources for BPD

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