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First Aid Kits

Emergency Planning provides a limited number of first aid kits across the campus in select locations intended to support office, laboratory and shop locations.  SCU Campus Safety Services (CSS) is the primary medical responder and should be contacted at 408-554-4444 for all medical emergencies on or near campus.  

First aid kits supplied by Emergency Planning are only intended to treat minor cuts and scrapes. Each first aid kit is inspected and stocked on a quarterly basis per the instructions posted on the kit.  A limited number of items include:

  • Adhesive sterile bandages (various sizes)
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Non-adhesive sterile gauze pads

Please contact the Tyler Masamori, Emergency Planning Manager at x3636 or if re-stocking is needed. If a department wishes to provide additional supplies, they may do so on their own. Over-the-counter medications can not be added as part of any First Aid Kit on campus.

To request a new First Aid Kit Cabinet, or to restock your existing Cabinet, please fill out this FORM.

First Aid Kit Installation and Inspection Requirements can be viewed HERE.