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Emergency Blue Phones

Emergency Blue Phones have been strategically placed throughout the University campus.

The majority of the phones are free standing. The remaining phones are smaller, wall based phones, found in the parking structure next to the elevators. A glowing blue light aids in nighttime identification on all units.

View the current map of Emergency Blue Phones on the main campus.

The Emergency Blue Phones provide a direct connection to the Campus Safety Services Dispatch Center. The dispatch officer will automatically be notified of your location in the event you are unable to speak.

Use the Emergency Phones to:

  • Immediately contact a Campus Safety officer
  • Request an escort around campus
  • Report suspicious persons or activity
  • Report crimes that have recently occurred

Note: Certain Emergency Blue Phones (also referred to on the map as "Talkaphone with Giant Voice") haves external audio capabilities to broadcast SCU Bronco Alerts throughout campus. These phones are placed to maximize sound transmission in and around buildings when an alert is issued.

Please remember, when you hear an alert broadcast through the "Giant Voice" phones, pay careful attention and follow all instructions given.