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The Controls Certificate is intended for working engineers in mechanical and closely related fields of engineering. The certificate will provide a foundation in contemporary control theory and methods. The Controls certificate covers classical and modern control system design and analysis. Specialization in digital controls, mechatronic, robotic, or aerospace applications is possible with a suitable choice of electives. Completion of the certificate will allow the student to design and analyze modern control systems.


Applicants must have completed an accredited Bachelor’s degree program in Mechanical or a closely related field of engineering. They are expected to have prior course work in undergraduate mathematics. No prior control courses are required.

Program Requirements:

Students must complete a total of 16 units as described below, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a grade of C or better in each course.

Required Courses (8 units):

  • MECH 217 Introduction to Control (2 units)
  • MECH 218 Guidance and Control I (2 units)
  • MECH 323 Modern Control System Design I (2 units)
  • MECH 324 Modern Control System Design II (2 units)

Elective Courses (8 units):

  • AMTH 245 Linear Algebra I (2 units)
  • AMTH 246 Linear Algebra II (2 units)
  • CENG 211 Advanced Strength of Materials (4 units)
  • MECH 207 Advanced Mechatronics I (2 units)
  • MECH 208 Advanced Mechatronics II (2 units)
  • MECH 209 Advanced Mechatronics III (2 units)
  • MECH 219 Guidance and Control II (2 units)
  • MECH 329 Introduction to Intelligent Control (2 units)
  • MECH 429, 430 Optimal Control I, II (2 units each)
  • MECH 355, 356 Adaptive Control I, II (2 units each)

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