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Department ofMechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering applies the fields of physics, mathematics, and materials science to the design and realization of mechanical and thermal systems.

For over a century mechanical engineers have played a central role in creating the infrastructure of modern society while addressing the emerging interdisciplinary challenges of tomorrow.

At SCU, you’ll receive a rigorous theoretical foundation coupled with hands-on laboratories and projects.  You’ll have the opportunity to make real connections with faculty and even work with them on cutting-edge research. Rooted in the Jesuit tradition, our curricu­lum challenges students to consider the moral, ethical, and social impacts of engineering while supporting entrepreneurial thinking. Combined with the breadth of the core curriculum, the mechanical engineering program at SCU trains the whole person to create engineers of conscience, competence, and compassion. Our students take advantage of our prime location in the heart of Silicon Valley to gain experience in summer internships and find sponsors for design projects

Undergraduate Resources

4-Year Program Flow Chart (For Students Admitted in 2022)

4-Year Program Flow Chart (For Students Admitted in 2021 or before)

Senior Design Resources

Senior Design Resources


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Chair: Hohyun Lee

Senior Administrative Assistant:
Darcy Yaley 


Mechanical Engineering
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