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Department ofMechanical Engineering


Master of Science Program

The Mechanical Engineering Department is dedicated to delivering up-to-date, high quality courses across a broad range of the discipline to meet the needs of both part- and full-time graduate students. These courses are concentrated in five technical areas:

  1. Dynamics and Controls
  2. Materials Engineering
  3. Mechanical Design
  4. Robotics and Mechatronic Systems
  5. Thermofluids
  6. Aerospace Engineering

In addition, students interested in space systems are referred to the Lockheed Martin-Santa Clara University program. 

Educational efforts are channeled to expand the skills of prospective and practicing engineers not only in understanding fundamentals, but also in developing competence in analyzing engineering systems. The department offers graduate degrees at the Master's, Engineer's, and Doctorate levels, as well as Certificates.

An M.S. degree requires 45 units of study with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. The student must select one of five concentration ares, and develop a program of studies with an advisor. Courses taken to satisfy any particular requirement may be used to simultaneously satisfy additional requirements for which they are appropriate. Master of Science degrees must include the following:

  • Engineering Core requirement (6 units)
  • Math requirement (8 units): MECH 200 and 201, or MECH 202 and an approved two-course sequence or equivalent four unit course in applied math
  • Topic Requirement: 12 or more units depending on concentration area
  • Concentration Electives depending on the area (0-10 units)
  • Culminating Experience: 4-9 units towards a thesis, capstone project, or project course sequence.

Culminating experience options depend on the concentration area. A thesis requires a faculty advisor and must be approved by an additional reader and the department chair. Thesis topics are to be determined by the student and faculty advisor, who need not be the concentration advisor. The additional reader need not be a Mechanical faculty member, but must be a full-time faculty member in the School of Engineering.

The student may take any additional graduate courses offered by the School of Engineering to meet the 45 unit requirement but no more than 6 units of Engineering Management courses may be taken.

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