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Department ofMechanical Engineering

Mechanics and Materials

The Mechanics and Materials (MM) emphasis in the Department of Mechanical Engineering allows students to explore the science of materials and how those materials move and deform in response to thermomechanical loading.

Core Courses:
Students will need to take at least 8 units out of these courses:
MECH 251 (4 units): Finite Element Methods I
MECH 281 (4 units): Elasticity, Fracture, and Fatigue
MECH 330 (4 units)Atomic Bonding, Crystal Structure, and Material Properties
MECH 331 (4 units): Equilibrium Thermodynamics and Phase Transformations
MECH 377 (4 units): Continuum Mechanics 

Other Related Courses:
We also offer the following courses under this emphasis:
MECH 230 (2 units): Statistical Thermodynamics
MECH 252 (4 units): Finite Element Methods II
MECH 293 (2-4 units): Special Topics in Mechanics and Materials
MECH 333 (2 units): Experiments in Materials Science
MECH 350 (2 units): Composite Materials

Offering Plans:
Two core courses & up to 4 units of other courses per year



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Interim Chair: Michael Taylor
Department Manager: Gina Orais


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