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Department ofMechanical Engineering

Design and Manufacturing

The Design & Manufacturing (DM) emphasis in the Department of Mechanical Engineering allows students to develop abilities and skills in mechanical design and aspects of manufacturing in achieving competence in product development.

Core Courses:
Students will need to take at least 8 units out of these courses:
MECH 251 (4 units): Finite Element Methods I
MECH 275 (2 units): Design for Competitiveness
MECH 281 (4 units): Elasticity, Fracture, and Fatigue
MECH 285 (2 units): Computer-Aided Design of Mechanisms
MECH 325 (2 units): Computational Geometry for Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture
MECH 415 (2 units): Optimization in Mechanical Design

Other Related Courses:
We also offer the following courses under this emphasis:
MECH 252 (4 units): Finite Element Methods II
MECH 257 (4 units): Engineering Simulations and Modeling
MECH 276 (2 units): Design for Manufacturability
MECH 294: Special Topics in Design & Manufacturing
MECH 371 and 372 (4 units each): Space Systems Design and Engineering I and II

Offering Plans:
Three core courses & up to 4 units of other related courses per year

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Interim Chair: Michael Taylor
Department Manager: Gina Orais


Mechanical Engineering
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