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Department ofMechanical Engineering

Thermofluids and Energy

The ThermoFluid and Energy (TFE) emphasis in the Department of Mechanical Engineering explores mechanisms and application of fluid motion at various scales and energy conversion. Courses offered in this area are often cross listed with the course MECH172: Special Topic in TFE, which can be taken as a technical elective as an undergraduate student.

Core Courses:
Students will need to take at least 8 units out of these courses:
MECH228 (4 units): Energy Conversion & Conservation (Thermodynamics)
MECH239 (4 units): Solid State Power Generation and Energy Harvesting
MECH241 (4 units): Approximation and Design of Heat Transfer System
MECH266 (4 units): Viscous Flow & Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Other Related Courses:
We also offer the following courses under this emphasis:
MECH225 (2 units): Gas Dynamics
MECH230 (2 units): Statistical Thermodynamics
MECH242 (4 units): Advanced Heat Transfer
MECH268 (2 units): Computational Fluid Mechanics I
MECH269 (2 units): Computational Fluid Mechanics II
MECH271 (2 units): Turbulent and Convective Flow
MECH295 (2 units): Special Topics in Thermofluids & Energy
MECH345 (2 units): Instrumentation and Design of Experiment

Offering Plans:
Two core courses & up to 4 units of other courses per year


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