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Department ofMechanical Engineering

Dynamics and Controls

The Dynamics and Controls (D&C) emphasis in the Department of Mechanical Engineering provides a foundation for students to utilize the physics-based or data-driven techniques to model, identify, analyze, and regulate the behavior of dynamical systems. The important feature is to achieve the specified objectives in an optimal fashion while coping with the disturbances and model uncertainties.

Core Courses:
Students will need to take at least 8 units out of these courses:
MECH 220 (4 units): Orbital Mechanics
MECH 323/324 (4 units): Modern Control Systems I, II
MECH 429/430 (4 units): Optimal Control I, II

Other Related Courses:
We also offer the following courses under this emphasis:
MECH 214 (4 units): Advanced Dynamics
MECH 232 (4 units): Multibody Dynamics
MECH 296: Special Topics in Dynamics and Controls
MECH 305 (4 units): Advanced Vibrations 
MECH 337 (2 units): Robotics I 
MECH 338 (2 units): Robotics II 

Offering Plans:
Two core courses & up to 4 units of other courses per year


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Interim Chair: Michael Taylor
Department Manager: Gina Orais


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