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Department ofMechanical Engineering

Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Advisor: Dr. Christopher Kitts

The Mechatronic Systems Engineering (MSE) emphasis in the Department of Mechanical Engineering focuses on the methods and techniques relating to the design, control and operation of complex modern engineering systems.

Core Courses:
Students must complete 10 units of coursework as specified below in requirements A, B, and C:

A - Mechatronics: Students will need to complete the 6 unit graduate mechatronic sequence:
MECH 207 (3 units): Advanced Mechatronics I
MECH 208 (3 units): Advanced Mechatronics II

B - Systems: In addition, students will need to complete a minimum of 2 units of coursework from the following list of “systems” courses; additional courses may apply based on approval from faculty in the emphasis area:
MECH 292 (2-4 units): Special Topics in Mechatronic Systems Engineering
MECH 311 (4 units): Modeling and Control of Telerobotic Systems
MECH 337 (2 units): Robotics I
MECH 338 (2 units): Robotics II
MECH 371 (4 units):
Space Systems Design & Engineering I
MECH 372 (4 units): Space Systems Design & Engineering II
MECH 379 (1 unit): Satellite Operations Laboratory

C - Design Process: Students must also complete a 2 unit course in systems development. Some of these options may be used to also satisfy the degree’s enrichment requirement. Courses that satisfy this requirement include:
MECH 275 (2 units): Design for Competitiveness
EMGT 380 (2 units): Introduction to Systems Engineering

Culminating Experience:
Students must complete a culminating project in the form of a capstone project (4-6 units) or a research-based thesis. These experiences take a minimum of two quarters to complete and should be discussed with faculty members in the emphasis area.

Other Related Courses:
In addition to the systems and design process courses listed above, many other courses are relevant to this emphasis, to include courses in control systems, system design and operation, etc.  Specific examples of these courses include:
MECH 209 (2 units): Advanced Mechatronics III
MECH 210 (2 units): Advanced Mechatronics IV
MECH 217 (2 units): Introduction to Control
MECH 218 (2 units): Guidance and Control I 
MECH 219 (2 units): Guidance and Control II
MECH 323 (2 units): Modern Control Systems I
MECH 324 (2 units): Modern Control Systems II
MECH 345 (2 units): Instrumentation and Design of Experiment

Offering Plans:
The advanced mechatronics courses are offered at least once every two years. Two or more systems courses are offered annually. Culminating experiences are generally available to start in any quarter during the academic year.

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Department Manager: Gina Orais


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