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Department ofMechanical Engineering

Mechanical Design Analysis


The Mechanical Design Analysis Certificate is intended for working engineers in mechanical or structural engineering. The certificate will provide a succinct upgrade in knowledge and skills that will allow the student to gain a deeper understanding of CAD and FEA principles and practices. Completion of the certificate will allow the student to pursue more advanced design and analysis tasks.


Applicants must have completed an accredited Bachelor’s degree program in Mechanical, Civil, Aerospace, or related field. They are expected to have prior course work in strength of materials, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and mathematics through differential equations.

Program Requirements:

Students must complete a total of 16 units as described below, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a grade of C or better in each course.

Required Courses (12 units):

  • CENG 205 Finite Element Methods I (2 units)
  • CENG 206 Finite Element Methods II (2 units)
  • CENG 207 Finite Element Methods III (2 units)
  • MECH 325 Computational Geometry for Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture I (2 units)
  • MECH 334 Elasticity (2 units)
  • MECH 415 Optimization in Mechanical Design (2 units)

Elective Courses (4 units):

  • AMTH 220 Numerical Analysis I (2 units)
  • AMTH 221 Numerical Analysis II (2 units)
  • AMTH 308 Mathematical Modeling I (2 units)
  • AMTH 309 Mathematical Modeling II (2 units)
  • AMTH 370 Optimization Techniques I (2 units)
  • AMTH 371 Optimization Techniques II (2 units)
  • CENG 211 Advanced Strength of Materials (4 units)
  • CENG 214 Theory of Elasticity (4 units)
  • CENG 222 Advanced Structural Analysis (4 units)
  • MECH 268 Computational Fluid Mechanics I (2 units)
  • MECH 269 Computational Fluid Mechanics II (2 units)

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