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Department ofMechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Hohyun Lee, Mechanical Engineering

Hohyun Lee, Mechanical Engineering

Lee awarded NSF grant to join force with computer scientists in addressing global challenges in clean energy

Professors Hohyun Lee (mechanical engineering), Yuhong Liu and Yi Fang (both computer science and engineering) have received an NSF award to build the Global Center for Equitable, Resilient & Clean Energy.

Professor Hohyun Lee (Mechanical Engineering) together Professors Yuhong Liu and Yi Fang (both Computer Science and Engineering) have received an award from the National Science Foundation for building Global Centers for Use-Inspired Research Addressing Global Challenges in Climate Change and Clean Energy (Track 2 - design). The Global Center for Equitable, Resilient & Clean Energy, co-led by Santa Clara University in the U.S. and Concordia University in Canada, aims to create a global research and training platform with a critical mass for collaborative investigation, innovation, and education toward a distributed energy resources based, more equitable, affordable, flexible, and resilient clean energy ecosystem at the edge of power grids for a diverse spectrum of communities and stakeholders. The international collaborations will leverage their local communities' distinctive geographical, technological, regulatory, and cultural contexts to provide enriched and diversified opportunities for research and education activities benefiting the general public in the global context.

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