Department ofEnglish

Professional Writing Minor

Students must fulfill the following requirements for a minor in Professional Writing. When English majors complete the Professional Writing Minor, no more than two courses from the major may be used to fulfill the requirements for the minor.

Two Required Courses:

  • English 16 (Introduction to Writing Studies)
  • English 198A (Writing Internship, minimum 4 units)

At least five electives taken from the following list, three of which must be UD:

  • English 19 (Business Writing)
  • English 25 (Textual Editing)
  • English 26 (Introduction to Writing in STEM)
  • English 100 (Writing in the Public Interest)
  • English 101 (Professional Writing)
  • English 103 (Topics in Writing and Rhetoric)
  • English 104 (Teaching Writing)
  • English 106/106EL (Advanced Writing)
  • English 108 (Writing in STEM)
  • English 110 (New Media in Theory and Practice)
  • English 111 (Writing for Social Change)
  • English 112 (Technical Writing and Communication)
  • English 113 (Writing Center Theory and Practice)
  • English 114 (Writing for Publication)
  • English 115 (Argumentation)
  • English 181 (Engineering Communication)