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Welcome our new faculty member Amy Lueck for 2015-2016

The English Department welcomes our new faculty member for 2015-16: Assistant Professor Amy Lueck. Forrest Nyugen (English, ‘16) interviews her below.

I completed my undergraduate degree in English and Creative Writing at Loyola University Chicago, and am excited to be part of a Jesuit community once again. I completed my Master’s at University of Pittsburgh and recently received my PhD in Rhetoric and Composition from University of Louisville, where I conducted research on the formation of public high schools in the nineteenth-century US. An article drawn from this project, “’A Maturity of Thought Very Rare in Young Girls’: Women’s Public Engagement in Nineteenth-Century Commencement Essays,” was recently published in Rhetoric Review, and I am pursuing other articles as well as a book-length project from this research as well.

Why SCU?
I’m excited to join SCU because of their strong liberal arts tradition, close faculty and student community, research and teaching support, and beautiful campus. I can’t wait to learn even more reasons to love SCU over the years.

What do you do in your spare time?
I am very project-oriented, so I usually like to spend my spare time pursuing some kind of art or craft project. For instance, this summer I muddled my way through the reupholstering of a wing-back chair and an ottoman. I also enjoy yoga, cross-stitching and taking very long walks. Oh, and Hulu. I spend a lot of time with Hulu.

Answer all questions in the speed round with only an adverb:
Shakespeare? Verily
The Oxford Comma? Always
Yoga? Blissfully
Plaid on plaid? Bravely
Coke or Pepsi? clearly (Coke!)
People who just can’t hang? Away
The Shrinking American Middle-Class? Regrettably
The Patriarchy? Ungrammatically (Why is there an article on this word these days?)
The current state of literature in English? Globally
Air-conditioning? Never
Speed round? Very