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Student Profiles

  • I would not be able to attend SCU if it wasn’t for the Fr. Coz Scholarship; SCU is putting me on a fantastic path to achieving my goals---I have learned so much already, both inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Not only does the Fr. Coz Scholarship help fund my education, but receiving it also makes me feel like an important part of the community. My SCU education has helped me realize that there are so many ways I can achieve my goals and I am more than capable of delivering the impact that I want to have on the world.

  • The Fr. Coz Scholarship has meant so much to my family. I just want to say thank you for your generosity, it means so much to me that there are people who want to help me not only pursue my dreams but help make them a reality.

  • Receiving the Father Coz Scholarship has allowed me to fully enjoy the college experience without having to worry about the financial burden and has inspired me to continue Father Coz’s legacy by becoming more involved at Santa Clara. I also hope to pay it forward by making a difference in children’s lives and supporting their well-being.

  • I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Fr. Coz scholarship. I appreciate every dollar and your investment in the SCU community. The Fr. Coz scholarship has helped relieve me and my family of the financial stress that most families face when it comes to paying for college.

  • Receiving the Fr. Coz scholarship has had an immense effect on my ability to attend Santa Clara University. It is an honor that I can even say that I was chosen to carry on his legacy in one way or another.

  • The Fr. Coz Scholarship will allow me to graduate from SCU while lifting a burden off me and my family.

  • Receiving the Fr. Coz Scholarship inspired a new energy within myself to become more involved at Santa Clara. I am honored to continue Fr. Coz’s legacy and am grateful for the opportunity to meet other high achieving individuals at Santa Clara.

  • The Fr. Coz Scholarship helps immensely in providing financial relief—it ensures that I will complete my degree without having to find outside employment to cover the cost of textbooks or clothing. I aim to give back by being a positive role model for the SCU community and other students of color.

  • My sister and I are both attending college out-of-state and the Fr. Coz Scholarship has alleviated some of the stress my family is facing. I decided early on that I wanted to go off-island to pursue my education, and the aid SCU provided made it possible.

  • The Fr. Coz Scholarship not only enables me to attend Santa Clara, but allowed my parents to relax a bit, and I can see the impact it has had on their wellbeing. The Fr. Coz Scholarship is so much more than financial support, I can see it the community it creates, and the impact it has on so many lives. Post-graduation, I hope to be a strong alumni connection for future recipients of this scholarship to bolster their future success.

  • Receiving the Fr. Coz Scholarship was essential for me to be able to focus on my studies. The Fr. Coz Scholarship reduced the financial burden on my family and freed up the resources that allowed me to take full advantage of all SCU has to offer. SCU has allowed me to develop the passions and skills that will make my life more meaningful, and I’d love to share my experience with future generations by becoming a donor myself.