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June 29, 2017 - Message from Associate Provost for International Programs

June 29, 2017 message from Associate Provost for International Programs, Susan Popko

Dear Colleagues,

As you may know, the US Supreme Court has allowed a limited version of Trump's Travel Ban to go into effect.  The Ban will be enforced beginning at 8:00 p.m. EDT today, June 29.  According to the legal framework, international students and scholars from the six countries should be safe for the moment, however, we continue to recommend caution for students and scholars from the six countries currently in the US considering travel outside the US. Some legal experts remain concerned about the implementation of the travel ban and thus we are cautiously optimistic through we will continue to monitor the situation.

The Washington Post notes:  "The travel ban allowed by the Supreme Court is less encompassing than the executive ordered signed by President Trump on March 6, which effectively bannedeveryone from the six targeted countries. The modified version allows visitors to come if they have jobs with U.S. companies or have been accepted for study or to lecture at U.S. universities. Visas will also be granted to foreign employees of U.S. media companies."    

As a reminder, the March travel ban executive order banned travel to nationals from six Muslim-majority countries including Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days.  The March ban was revised from the initial executive order issued in January.  The January executive order was prevented from being enforced by a federal judge in Seattle and the 9th Circuit court upheld that ruling against the US government. 

Read more on the Executive Orders and SCU.

Learn more about international students at SCU:

  • Santa Clara University hosts over 1,300 international students, ranking 11th in the nation among top universities hosting international students.   
  • In 2016 the number of international students at US colleges and universities surpassed one million for the first time- a massive 1,044,000 students - representing an increase of seven percent from the previous year.  
  • Nationally, US colleges and universities nationally have seen impacts of the less-hospitable US under the Trump administration in the form of declining international student applications, however, mainly due to our location in Silicon Valley, SCU has seen our international students continue to grow.  We were interviewed for a recent Mercury Newsarticle which discusses this.  

In solidarity,