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September 29, 2017 - Message from Associate Provost for International Programs, Susan Popko

September 29, 2017 message from Associate Provost for International Programs, Susan Popko

The Trump Travel Ban was updated this week under Executive Order 13780.  I wanted to provide an update on the changes and impact to our SCU community.  

September 24, 2017 travel ban updates:
  • Countries included increase to eight and change as follows: Chad (new), Iran, Libya, North Korea (new), Somalia, Syria, Venezuela (new) and Yemen.   Sudan was removed from the list.
  • The new rules vary by country, for example, barring entry into the US of immigrants and non immigrants from Chad, Libya and Yemen on business, tourist or business-tourist visas.  As well, it bars entry of Iranian citizens as immigrants or non immigrants but provides an exception for Iranian students.
  • The ban impacts nationals of these country who lack "a bona fide connection to a person or entity in the United States" but note that a student visa is considered demonstration of a bona fide connection to a US entity.  
Impact to our SCU community:
  • We have four students from Iran, two in Graduate Engineering, one in ECP and on post-graduation employment supported by SCU.  There is no change to impacts for these students from the previous version of the ban.
  • We have no students or scholars from the three new countries included in the ban: Chad, North Korea, and Venezuela
  • Prospective student applicants will need to review their intended visa category closely as, in some cases, the President has limited travel restrictions to certain visa types. Generally, this does not include F or J, the visas sponsored by SCU, but we expect students and scholars will experience enhanced screening in any case.
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