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Global Explorations Program

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Global Explorations are short-term (minimum of three weeks) for credit faculty-led study abroad courses offered for SCU undergraduate students during the summer through SCU Study Abroad. A three-week minimum is required for Global Explorations programs to ensure that eligible students can apply for the Gilman Scholarship, a national study abroad scholarship for high financial needs and underrepresented students. SCU wants to be able to offer these programs at an affordable price, to make study abroad opportunities accessible to all SCU students.

Currently, Global Explorations is open to tenured and tenure-track faculty. We are working to expand eligibility to faculty in other appointments.

If you are considering a Global Exploration proposal, review the Global Exploration Proposal Handbook for detailed information on the review process, criteria, and timelines.

How to Submit a Proposal

Complete and submit an online proposal by February 15, 2024 for Summer 2025. Review the Global Exploration Proposal Guide (coming soon!) for more information about criteria and considerations prior to submitting a proposal.

Why Submit a Proposal

While SCU students have a variety of study abroad options available to them, Global Explorations provides students with a unique opportunity to pursue an international experience with SCU faculty while enrolled in SCU courses. Excursions and cultural activities are built into the program, leveraging the location to enhance learning. Many provide opportunities for students to visit non-English speaking countries while doing their coursework in English. Class sizes are small (15-30 students) allowing for a more intimate learning environment. Faculty can share their knowledge and interest in another country and culture while at the same time work closely with students, helping shape their experience both in and out of the classroom through meaningful engagement abroad.

Proposal Workshops

Faculty and lecturers are encouraged to attend an upcoming Global Exploration Proposal Workshop, facilitated by SCU Study Abroad.

  • Spring 2024- Dates coming soon! 

Proposal review will occur in two steps:

1) Study Abroad Committee

The Study Abroad Committee will review proposals to either “recommend” or “not recommend” that a proposal move forward to development. The Study Abroad Committee will review proposals based on affordability, marketability, sustainability, and risk management. If recommended, the Director of Study Abroad will work with faculty to submit the International Travel Proposal to the Travel Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC).

2) Travel Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC)

TPAC reviews proposals from Faculty/Staff Program Coordinators and makes recommendations to the Associate Provost for International Programs regarding the approval of university-sponsored international travel. The Committee makes recommendations to the Provost regarding requests for exceptions to University policy regarding university-sponsored international travel.  TPAC advises on guidelines and procedures related to university-sponsored international travel.  The Committee provides guidance in keeping with national best practices and ethical engagement abroad.

Before submitting a proposal, be prepared to:

Please review the Global Exploration Proposal Guide (coming soon!) for step-by-step guidance on how to submit a proposal, program criteria, etc.

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