International Students

International Students Participating in Programs Abroad

Santa Clara University strongly encourages international students to consider participating in international programs as part of their experience at the University.  There are multiple programs at the University that offer international students the opportunity to engage with their field of study overseas or pursue personal goals.  International students who have already successfully traversed one culture to study in the US are uniquely poised to benefit from further international programs.  

International students should know that going abroad while pursuing studies in the U.S. may have implications for the student visa required to study at SCU.  In addition, visa requirements for non-US citizens may differ for those of US citizens and international students may require significant lead time to obtain the appropriate visa for participating in SCU programs abroad.  

International students should speak with staff responsible for leading SCU programs abroad in advance to determine the best education abroad program given goals and personal needs. Once the education abroad program is determined, international students should work closely with SCU’s international student advisors to make sure to understand the possible implications for the US student visa.

On-Campus Resources

  • International Students and Scholars

  • Office for Multicultural Learning

    Student and staff facilitated dialogue sessions during academic year for SCU community about various topics pertaining to identity on and off campus.

    • Perspectives Dialogue Sessions
    • Difficult Dialogues

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