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Student Experiences

We understand how important it is for current students to hear from previous alumni who participated in global experiences while attending SCU. We've built this section of our website to connect you with former students through a variety of ways, including our podcast: Abroaden Your Horizons, student spotlights, and even the Returnee Database. Happy Connecting!

Abroaden Your Horizons


Original Podcast Producer: Jacqueline Ibarra-Garcia, 2020-21 Peer Advisor

Returnee Database

Do you want to hear from study abroad alumni? We encourage you to utilize the Returnee Database to connect with SCU students willing to discuss their global experiences!

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YouTube Channel

Did you know we have student spotlight videos from Santa Clara alumni on the SCU Study Abroad YouTube channel? Watch now using the button below, and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe! 

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SCU Alumni Blogs

We're currently collecting blog post submissions from Santa Clara students who studied abroad during their undergraduate career. Did you write a blog post for your program while abroad? Email us at and we'll feature your story!

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Diversity & Identity Abroad

Don't forget to check out the Diversity & Identity Abroad resources available to you through Global Engagement at SCU! Thinking about identity abroad and its complexities in the context of another culture are something we hope you’ll embrace in advance of boarding your perspective. It's important to understand how your own identity may play into your host culture experience abroad can help smooth how you acclimate and enable you to engage more easily and authentically with other students’ and host country residents’ personalities, ideas, perspectives, forms of expression and backgrounds.

  • Journey Women is a premier travel resource for women that offers advice on topics that range from navigating specific countries to packing tips.
  • Amnesty International works to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth, and dignity are denied. This page provides information about violence against women around the world and how you can protect yourself from being a victim. 
  • Breaking the Picture Frame: Studying Abroad While Trans - a gay, non-binary trans woman shares her experience with dealing with mental health and gender identity issues during her study abroad in Italy, and as she prepares for her study abroad in Poland while in the process of transitioning while under feminization hormones 
  • Trans Ireland: an Interview - an interview by a trans woman studying abroad with a local trans woman in Ireland, discussing the experiences of trans people, genderqueer, and non-binary people in the country. 
  • Pride in Santiago - a pansexual woman shares her experience at Pride in Santiago, Chile while openly sporting her hidden Drag King persona. 


  • Traveling While Queer - a Belgium woman discusses her international travels with her girlfriend, dealing with being misgendered often for a man, and finding the support of allies along the way
  • For information about sexuality abroad please see this LGBTQIA+ Identity video produced by UC Davis