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Tacoma, Washington

(Tentatively) Saturday, December 8th - Saturday, December 15th, 2018

Cost: $700

Founded by Jean Vanier, L'Arche communities exist across and country and around the world. Those joining on this immersion will travel to Tacoma and work with the L'Arche Tahoma Hope community. Folks in the L’Arche home live with and without developmental disabilities and share life in community, focusing on mutual relationships and building trust. L'Arche communities celebrate the unique value and dignity of every person and recognize our interdependence on one another. While in Tacoma, the group may help on L’Arche’s farm and in their workshops.

“The secret of L’Arche is relationship: meeting people, not through the filters of certitudes, ideologies, idealism or judgments, but heart to heart; listening to people with their pain, their joy, their hope, their history, listening to their heart beats.” —Jean Vanier, L’Arche founder

Application Process 

Selected participants for immersions will be expected to attend 4–5 pre-trip meetings and a pre-trip weekend retreat,  as well as 3 post-trip meetings upon return.