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Community-based Organizations Resources

Jean Donovan Fellows are responsible for contacting and applying to work with a non-profit community-based organization of their choice. By the time of application applicants should be in contact with desired placement to discuss plans for Fellowship experience. This opportunity provides Fellows with the opportunity to work with organizations that are most closely matched with their academic and social justice interests.

These organizations offer fully coordinated opportunities for volunteers with community-based organizations and typically offer multiple placement options, housing, airport transfer, arrival orientation, etc.


Donovan Fellows have worked with some of these organizations in the past and have
reached out directly to their staff to logistics related to volunteer role, housing,
transportation, etc…


Thriving Neighbors Initiative | SCU | San Jose, CA
● International Rescue Committee - IRC
● Gardener Family Health Clinic - San Jose, CA
● MACLA - San Jose, CA
● Educators for Fair Consideration - Bay Area, CA
● Tubman House - Sacramento, CA
● Youth United for Community Action - East Palo Alto
● Sacred Heart Community Service - San Jose, CA - Recommended Placement!
● St. Anthony Foundation - San Francisco, CA
● Faithful Fools - San Francisco, CA
● Homesafe - Santa Clara | San Jose, CA
● Cali Immigration - Santa Clara, CA
● Civic Corps - Oakland, CA
● National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights - Oakland, CA
● Alba - Salinas, CA
● Neighborhood Legal Services of LA County - Los Angeles, CA
● Esperanza Immigration Rights Project - Los Angeles, CA
● East LA Community Corporation - Los Angeles, CA
● Francis House Center - Sacramento, CA
● Women’s Wisdom ART - Sacramento, CA
● Rachel's Women's Center - San Diego, CA

Other States

Bethlehem Farm - West Virginia
● Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project - West Virginia
● Artists Striving to End Poverty - Florida & India
● Women’s Lunch Place - Boston, MA
● Greater New Bedford Community Health - New Bedford, MA
● No More Deaths - Arizona/Mexico
● Food Works - Portland, OR
● Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Clinic - Portland, OR
● El Centro Humanitario - Denver, OR
● Casa Marianella - Austin, TX
● Casa Alitas - Tucson, AZ