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Helpful Hints

As you prepare to apply for the Jean Donovan Fellowship review the questions below.

  • Examine your motivations…
    • What interested you in volunteering?
    • What life events have sparked this interest?
    • How does this fellowship experience fit into your future plans?
  • Think about your goals for this experience…
    • What are the needs that you will be addressing?
    • What contributions will you make?
    • What are some of the anticipated outcomes for this experience?
  • Finding and Selecting a program/organization to work with…
    • What would you like to do this summer?
    • What age group or with whom ( adults, children, seniors, people with disabilities, refugees, immigrants, etc….) would you like to work with?
    • Where might you like to volunteer? What region or country? Consider your academic interests, career plans, family origins, and issues that you care about.  Would you like to be in an urban or rural area?
    • Would you prefer a faith-based or secular organization?
    • How much time are you able to commit to volunteering? (Fellow requires minimum of 5-7 weeks, or longer)
    • How much money are you willing/able to spend?
    • What is your preferred living/housing situation?