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Living Religion Collaborative

Welcome to the Living Religion Collaborative @Santa Clara University!

The Silicon Valley is known for its many high tech juggernauts and start-up innovators. But it is also a landscape of remarkable religious and spiritual diversity. Indeed, the very forces that draw people from across the globe to Northern California also bring people who practice in a wide range of religious and spiritual traditions to the region. Likewise, California's historical grounding in both Native American spiritualities and missionary Christianity continute to contribue to a dynamic religious and spiritual heritage that plays out across the landscape.

Student at chapel

Students at Santa Clara University explore, engage, and document their experiences in this rich religious and spiritual ecosystem, sharing moments of insight and inspiration through images and words on the Living Religion Collaborative website.

Their remarkable work offers glimpses of religion and spirituality as it is lived by ordinary people in the Silicon Valley and in Northern California more broadly. In the process, we also get a new way of seeing and understanding young adults' perspectives on religion, spirituality, and the sacred as they encounter them in their own lives and in the world around them.

The Living Religion Collaborative is a project of the Religious Studies Department at Santa Clara University. Our aim is to connect students and local religious and spiritual practitioners and communities in active, concrete exploration of what religion is in and around our campus, and what it does in  the everyday lives of people. 

Please see the links on the right side to explore local religious communities, practitioners, and sacred spaces with us.

Photo: An SCU student prays at a small chapel at Mission San Juan Bautisa, where she explored the relationship between Native Californians and the Spanish missionaries who founded the Mission.