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Living religion comes in an endless variety of forms and is shaped by and shapes the local landscape. Click on one of the icons below to learn more about the locales of living religion.

Religion comes in many forms. Though we are most familiar with institutional expressions of religion — churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, and so on associated with specific religious traditions — there is much more variety and fluidity in how and, importantly, where people practice what they understand as “religion” or “spirituality.” The building blocks here describe different locales for religious and spiritual practice across local landscapes. Of course, while these blocks might suggest that these forms and locales for religious practice are separate, they certainly influence one another.

Click on one of the blocks below to learn more about different locales for religious practice.

LRC Encounter GeoMap

Santa Clara students and faculty map religious sites in Silicon Valley on the LRC Encounter GeoMap. Each colored dot represents a site visited. Click on the dot to learn about the site.
Check out the full map here.