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About the LRC

Explore the richness of religion and spirituality in the Silicon Valley.

The Silicon Valley is a landscape of remarkable religious and spiritual diversity. Indeed, the very forces that draw people from across the globe to Northern California also bring people who practice in a wide range of religious and spiritual traditions to the region.

Our primary commitment is to encourage and enrich young adults’ understanding of what religion is; how religion intersects with other fields of life and culture; how religion is changing in the lives of the real people and communities all around them; and what all of that means in terms of their own self-understanding, life purpose, and vocation.

The LRC focuses on direct engagement within local communities, congregations, organizations, and other sites of religious and spiritual practice in everyday life. This moves our work extensively outside of the university classroom and campus into multiple contexts of lived religious engagement.

Photo: Image of Buddha statue from the Buddhi Vihara Temple in San Jose. Photo by Augusta.