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Initiatives and Reports

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) works collaboratively across the university on a range of diversity and inclusion efforts. This section will provide updates into related initiatives and happenings for the university community.


Blue Ribbon Commission on Diversity and Inclusion

In March 2016, Father Engh convened a formal Blue Ribbon Commission on Diversity and Inclusion. This group of community leaders, alumni, campus representatives worked over the course of 2016 and developed a formal report that was submitted. This report was made available in Winter Quarter 2016 and is available HERE.

Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion

Following the release of the Blue Ribbon Commission Report, Father Engh asked the University Cooordinating Council (UCC) to develop a formal Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion to review the Blue Ribbon recommendations and to develop a strategy for implementation. The Task Force consisted of members from the faculty, staff and students. It started meeting in mid-March 2017 and throughout the Spring quarter and submitted its final report to Father Engh in early July 2017. The formal  Task Force Report on Diversity and Inclusion is now available.