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August 2013

SCU Safety Reminder

We want to remind everyone to be security conscious. Please review some security tips for your safety.

SCU Crime Bulletin

Dear Campus Community:

Around 1:40 AM this morning (8/01/13) the Santa Clara Police Department notified our Campus Safety Department that an adult female was assaulted, possibly at knifepoint, in the area of the 1000 block of Lexington.  The female, who is an SCU student, fought off her attacker and escaped.

When this assault was initially reported to SCU CSS, the SC Police Dept. did not believe there was an ongoing threat to the SCU campus.  Campus Safety closely monitored the situation and stayed in touch with the SC Police Dept.  At 2:20 AM the SC Police Department notified Campus Safety that a K-9 unit and tracking dog were on the SCU Campus and CSS began preparing a crime alert to be sent via the SCU Alert system.  At2:30 AM the SC Police notified CSS that they believed this was a “false trail” and were terminating their search.  There was no confirmed ongoing threat to those on the SCU campus so no alert was sent.

The motive for this crime is unknown at this time.  The Santa Clara Police have also informed us that while initial reports were that the suspect may have been armed with a knife, they do not currently believe this to be accurate.  If you have any information regarding this crime please contact the Santa Clara Police Department immediately.

We want to remind everyone to be security conscious and review some security tips for your safety:

Out and About

·       Avoid walking alone. There really is safety in numbers, so always go places with a friend. 

·       Look confident when you walk and keep a firm grip on your book bag, purse or briefcase.

·       Avoid dark streets.

·       Avoid using ATM machines at night; plan ahead and do your transactions during the day.

·       Walk near the curb and avoid passing close to shrubs, dark doorways and other hiding places.

·       Pay attention to your surroundings; don't become lost in thought.